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Cities and villages

Domaine Le Boulac is situated in the village of Izier, a village where, if one is attentive, there is a lot to see: authentic Belgian Architecture surrounded by a splendid nature.


Concerning the purchase, you could go to Ferrières, a little neighbouring village. A little more further, in the little city of Barvaux, there are more possibilities to buy everyday-purchase. Every Sunday morning, there is a market in the city of Bomal (LaPetite Batte).


The big market of Spa is an alternative. Except in Ferrières, you will find in all these regions places where you can taste the belgium gastronomy.


Far away (but at a reasonnable distance) there are still many discoveries to do: What do you think about Liège, always changing ? A pleasant city with mediterranean influences: a culture crossroad. Very old, the junk shops on Friday in Outremeuse, on Saterday in Saint-Gilles and on Sunday 'La Batte'. Les Olivettes, a singing pub with every week-end Piaf's or Brel's interpreters.


In less than an hour, you are in Aix-la-Chapelle or in Maastricht, both cities which are worth to go to without any doubts.


You want to do interessant purchase (tabac, drink and so on), go to Luxembourg. The famous Knauf Shopping Centrum is located at less than one hour from Le Boulac.






DOMAINE LE BOULAC | Rue du Bois 36, 6941 Izier (Durbuy), BelgiË | telefoon: +32 (0)86 400 486 | telefax: +32 (0)86 400 802 |                       

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